About Us

About Us

We are here to bring a difference to Mental Health

Founded as a Non-Profit in 2016, Walk Talk Action have provided signposting, retreats and programmes to people in Stoke on Trent & beyond. 


Our Mission

Our mission, as a nonprofit organisation, is to help those with: Depression (including postnatal depression), Anxiety, Midlife crisis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Isolation/Loneliness and/or are a Veteran; As well as general health and well-being.
We encourage you to explore who you are through a unique programme tailored to each individuals' needs, which in turn leads to a better state of mind.
"We walk, we talk and we take action" Teri Elder (2019).

Our History

In 2016, I started going on walks to help with my own mental health which grew to then organising parent and toddler walks, group walks, coffee mornings and signposting services "I personally felt there was a huge gap in society for people to know where to go for support in knowing what organisations, volunteering opportunities and other community groups were available to help, in times of real need"

Our Vision

We want to get more people outside walking and talking to improve their knowledge about how we can all help ourselves using different coping techniques and methods of working through their problems, one step at a time.

We WALK to help improve our state of mind and to get out of the house away from the four walls which surround us each and every day.

We TALK to release the ambush that we carry daily in our heads, bills, kids…life in general our very own burdens that weigh us down are released like clouds being blown away in the sky.

We take ACTION to improve our overall state of mind by acknowledging our strengths and working on the rest.

Walks Completed
Connections Made
10 Week Programme Completed
How Many Brews Made

Our Ten Week Programme

Our unique ten week programme is tailored to suit each persons’ individual needs; through walking, talking and taking action.

There is a specific criteria of people I can offer support too and this is due to the fact, that I personally have also endured this too.

One of my issues were that no one seemed to truly understand where i was coming from when i tried to explain what was going on in my head.

Therefore, using my own lived experience to pass of the knowledge and links I know of, I hope, will help others find happiness a lot faster than I did and without the mental turmoil that came with it.

Walks & Virtual Walks

Group walks and/or 121 walks outside enjoying nature and just being in the moment away from the fast paced technical world we find ourselves in. Getting out of your four walls and allowing yourself a bit of ‘me time’

Our virtual walks where we encourage you to go out on your own for a minimum of 15 minutes and take photos of some of your journey.

Then upload them onto our Facebook page for others to see. This empowers others to get outside and opens up a conversation for those whom are struggling to strike up a connection.

Community Connections

Our community is full of people who want to make a change or be the change.

With a personal connection to all the recommended links in partnership with us, that has built up over time of going through my own therapy, I can vouch for every organisation we signpost too.

We are passionate about working with other organisations as we feel together we can all be stronger not only for each other, but most importantly for the people that need us.

Brew Up Catch Up

Every Friday 1300 – 1430 at St Claire’s Church Centre in Meir Park, Stoke on Trent ST3 7TW we run a professional and community drop in where you are invited to come along and meet other people and organisations within the area.

There is tea/coffee available and we have Regent College learners helping out with setting up the event in a morning and making the hot drinks and making guests welcome, as part of their work experience volunteering for us here at Walk Talk Action.

The objective of BUCU is to connect both professionals and members of the community together to help build strengthening relationships within the communities that will benefit everyone. We invite speakers and individual organisations and try our best to reach the professionals/organisations that you need.

Walk Talk Action is here to listen and help support you back to a better state of mind.

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