Our Retreat

We are currently sourcing materials and volunteers to help us dig out and lay our path for the retreat, as well as complete our car parking area. We still need the outside of the cabin sanded and repainted, the inside of the cabin needs a 2nd coat of paint, our carpet tiles need laying, new door fitted (we already have the door ready to be fitted just awaiting someone to help us), we also need our electrics checked (we have a working generator ready for an electrician to come over and complete the checks.

If you , or you may know of anyone that can help with any of the above it would help us massively. We are low on funds at the moment hence why this so important and a priority for us to get sorted.

If you can help, please contact: Teri Elder 07804577783 or info@walktalkaction.co.uk

We also have an opportunity for groups to come and work on the site to complete environmental projects such as: Hedgerow planting, Fence building, explore the different types of growth or any other eco-friendly, carbon reducing projects you may be involved in. If this is something your group or organisation would be interested in, please contact us with your name, project proposal and start date in an email: info@walktalkaction.co.uk

Staffordshire Retreat

Watch our Sneek Peek

Here's a sneak preview of our summer retreat we set up last year! Here is where our cabin resides at the moment and awaiting some TLC! There will be updates when that is also ready

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