Walk & Talk

Group walks and/or 121 walks outside enjoying nature and just being in the moment away from the fast paced technical world we find ourselves in. Getting out of your four walls and allowing yourself a bit of 'me time'

Ten Week Programme

Our unique ten week programme is tailored to suit each persons' individual needs; through walking, talking and taking action.

Brew & Catchup

The objective of BUCU is to connect both professionals and members of the community together to help build strengthening relationships within the communities that will benefit everyone.
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Our Mission

Our mission, as a nonprofit organisation, is to help those with: Depression (including postnatal depression), Anxiety, Midlife crisis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Isolation/Loneliness and/or are a Veteran; As well as general health and well-being.

We encourage you to explore who you are through a unique programme tailored to each individuals' needs, which in turn leads to a better state of mind.

"We Walk, We Talk and We Take Action" Teri Elder (2019).

Watch Video

Watch a Sneek Peek Of Our retreat

Here's a sneak preview of our summer retreat we set up last year! Here is where our cabin resides at the moment and awaiting some TLC! There will be updates when that is also ready!

Take a Listen

Have you heard our podcast?

In our Podcast Series 1, we have a three episode series of some of our Walk Talk Action volunteers and participants. Please have a listen and see what you think. Thanks to Adam Gratton for his work putting these together for us!

People Talk

How Can You Help?

With your donations we help guide you to a better state of mind through walking, talking and taking action.

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